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The A Baby A Tree Story Told by Founder, Carine Namiech.

How did A Baby A Tree come to fruition?

I got the idea to found A Baby A Tree after I had my third child. It all started when a friend of mine from Paris - where I am originally from - sent over an adorable and personalized bunny that was embroidered with my new baby girl’s name. This gift sparked the idea for me to start my own unique baby gifts business from my home.

Since the beginning, I wanted to ensure that the baby gifts I was offering had a rich meaning behind each and every one of them. I started brain storming ways to create unique baby gifts and Jewish baby gifts that would offer a deeper value beyond the surface and came up with the idea of planting a tree along with each baby gift. Now, that same embroidered bunny that originally started it all, is A baby A tree’s best-seller.

You work with both Jewish National Fund and the Arbor Day Foundation. What does this mean to you?

Jewish people will often times plant a tree in honor of someone, connecting them to their roots. I have always loved this symbolism. Comparing the life of a baby to a newly planted tree just made sense, and the idea became an integral part of A Baby A Tree. This is how my involvement with Jewish National Fund began. Giving back to Israel through the planting of trees was very special to me and made me feel like I was helping my community in an impactful way.

The decision to further extend A Baby A Tree’s partnership with not just Jewish National Fund, but also the Arbor Day Foundation, came naturally. By partnering with both of these outstanding tree planting organizations, I am able to extend my reach for giving back to the environment and making the world a greener place. My customers have the ability to choose where they would like to plant new tree roots in honor of a baby’s life. Be it Israel or the United States.

What is the A Baby A Tree difference?

Everything A Baby A Tree offers is done with the customers’ needs top-of-mind. From complimentary gift wrapping to personalized, unique baby gifts that ship within one to two business days, I made certain that no detail was left out. Shopping for a memorable baby gift should be a rewarding experience. I want my customers to feel completely satisfied with the A baby A tree approach from start to finish.

A lot of the baby gifts you offer are organic, why is this so important to you?

Giving A Baby A Tree customers the option to shop for organic baby gifts just made sense to me. It ties together with the planting of a tree so naturally. Personally, I believe organic is so important for the future. I always strive to go as natural as possible with my own lifestyle choices and I wanted to make sure this was showcased in my business in some form. Organic baby gifts not only help the environment but are also safe for the delicate skin of a newborn.

What’s next for A Baby A Tree?

One of the things I love most about A Baby A Tree is our constant evolution. We are always looking to improve and expand our reach. A lot of times, ideas come into fruition with the help of our customers. For example, partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation in addition to Jewish National Fund, came to be after the feedback from so many of our loyal supporters. I love that every day I am working with our customers to offer completely unique baby gifts and Jewish baby gifts, while still helping the environment. At this point nothing is off limits for what’s next.

Have a question not answered on here?

The easiest and quickest way to reach us with any questions is through e-mail, However, feel free to call us too at 1-888-248-5995.


Arbor Day Foundation & Jewish National Fund Charity Partner

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